Two minutes with Honolulu Street Style Series Editor Malie Moran



Many people recognize Hawaii for it’s diverse fashion style and Intellect’s Honolulu Street Style brings it’s street fashion style to the fore. Malie Moran, an editor of the book shares why the street fashion in Honolulu is becoming so popular. Malie has also created an e-publication called Hawaii RED Style and is a central part of Hawaii’s growing fashion community.

Why is Honolulu such an exciting place to explore street style fashion?
Honolulu attracts visitors and residents from all over the world, which makes up an interesting blend of people on the streets.

There is a section in the book on accessories. What part do accessories play in contributing to fashion in Honolulu?
As with other tropical places, accessories are a great way to make a statement with an outfit. Whether its jewelry, bags, sunglasses or hats; accessories can define a look while still dressing comfortably for warm weather.

How does the urban and tropical elements of Honolulu contribute to its street style?
Honolulu has the best of both worlds and you can see hints of the urban/tropical influences throughout the city’s neighbourhoods.

What makes Honolulu stand out from other fashion capitals?
The reason Honolulu is unique from other cities is because on any given day you can find many types of people; from surfers to hipsters to luxury travellers, in a combination of styles such as beach, resort, business, aloha, casual, each dressing for tropical weather year-round.

Apart from Honolulu, what other fashion capitals intrigue you?
I love the style in Sydney and the way they interpret their urban and beach culture is so great. I love San Francisco for the individuality and sophistication of the fashion, and of course Paris, where gorgeous iconic landmarks are the backdrop to the chic and polished looks of both women and men.


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