San Francisco Street Style

Intellect caught up with Liisa Jokinen from SF Looks which features all the new and upcoming trendy street-style coming from San Francisco.

What do you think makes San Francisco so fashionable?

Actually I don’t think San Francisco is particularly fashionable but it is definitely interesting style-wise. It’s a melting pot of style influences as people from all over the world come to live, study and work in SF.

How would you describe the style in SF?

It’s casual, colorful and sporty. A bit hippy, a bit bohemian, lots of vintage.

What trends are emerging now in SF?

90s trend is still strong; from grungy layering with plaid shirts and ankle-length skirts to sporty vibes (varsity jackets, bombers, cropped tops, sneakers etc). The other thing I find interesting is the appreciation of American fashion heritage. Especially young men seem to like to wear traditional US made brands. That’s their way of saying no to fast fashion and bad quality clothing, and also be inspired by their grandfathers’ styles. Emerging trends: monochrome looks, minimalism, denim, workwear, natural materials like linen.

What interests you about street style photography and fashion in general?

I’m interested in the person behind the outfit and the style as a means of communication. Style is a form of everyday creativity; it can be a lot of fun and include many interesting  messages. For me fashion is an important part of the visual culture.

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