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SF has always been a big player for American music, counter-culture, politics, poetry, literature and voicing the sentiments of the younger generations. Yet of all the city’s cultural aspects, a unique sense of its fashion has been downplayed and is often overshadowed by neighbouring west coast cities.

Having taken some time away from the streets of Helsinki, the fashion site Hel-Looks has now cast its eye on this iconic city. Founder of the site, Liisa Jokinen provides us with an insight into the SF’s fashion scene.


Music and fashion have always been an important part of SF’s culture. Are both scenes strong at the moment?
I’ve heard people arguing “SF is not a fashion city” so many times. It has been great, fun and inspiring to prove this wrong. San Franciscans do follow trends and fashion and they do have a great sense of style. But compared to LA, for example, there’s less fashion here, which I like. I want to document people with distinctive, personal styles, not fashionistas who look the same all over the world.

Is there a particular look for both men and women that is spreading in the city right now?
San Franciscans love to wear sport clothes: sneakers, hoodies, leggings. Regarding the more interesting fashions, 90s and grunge looks for girls (checkered flannel shirts, boots, 90s dresses) and heritage/denim looks for guys (denim overalls, jeans, beards – basically dressing up like your grandpa!)

For anyone visiting SF, which areas would provide the best insight into the city’s fashion?
The Mission and Valencia Street are the best for style watching, but also Downtown, Fillmore Street, Hayes Street and Haight Street are interesting spots.

I love doing a local street style site. That’s a great way to dive deep into the city, get to know people and document living history of the city.


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