Few minutes with Adam Katz Sinding from www.Le21eme.com

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www.Le21eme.com is a blog that focuses on documenting fashion weeks around the world. We caught up with Adam Katz Sinding, a photographer who runs the blog to find out more about fashion photography.

How long have you been involved in fashion photography?
I began Le 21ème in October of 2007. I suppose that was when I first began, however it was very very basic. Actually I guess it still is very basic, but my style has “evolved” over the years a bit.


How would you describe your work in a few words?
Candid. Authentic. Moody.


As you look at various fashion locations and cities, do you have any particular favourites?
Paris and Copenhagen are the two which speak to me the most. Both cities are rather effortless and pull of a “look” which could make the rest of the world jealous. NYC girls have nothing on the style of a Parisienne. And Danish girls are not only stunningly beautiful, but also pull off menswear better than even the best Parisienne!


Where would you say you get your own fashion inspiration from?
My mother and Hedi Slimane circa 2003/4.


What interests you about fashion photography and fashion in general?
I enjoy the novelty as much as anyone. I am a consumer. However, I think that it’s very interesting to see how people choose to dress in order to express who they feel that they are. It’s cool to witness and document.


Find out more here http://le21eme.com/


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