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In a rapidly changing global fashion system, new centres of style are emerging in cities such as Shanghai, Havana, Moscow, and Sydney. Street Style is a series that explores and reveals the relationship between culture, the city and street fashion. Books in the series use a predominantly visual approach (visual ethnography) paired with critical analysis, and are inspired by street fashion blogs, magazines and other internet fashion incubators.

Each volume is a collaboration between a street style photographer and an author or authors focusing on a particular city and the relationship between street style and the culture of that city. Style is predominantly an individual matter – the way people dress creates a sense of individual identity – but collectively there is a sense of common culture in a community, a city or a country.

Each book addresses points such as:

  • Cities have a unique energy and a different look. How is this defined?
  • What does street style tell us about a city and its culture?
  • How does street style reflect cultural and social currents – what’s going on in music, art, and on the sidewalks of communities?

Each book is divided into sections particular to the individual city.

Some are subcategorised by region others by trend and yet others by specific items of clothing such as bags, shoes and accessories.

The book series is published by Intellect in Bristol and distributed worldwide.

For further information about this and other book series, visit the Intellect website: